We care about you: DM Hoteles is committed to protect your privacy.

We know that online reservations represent a high level of trust from you. We really appreciate it! Therefore, one of our priorities is to ensure your safety and confidentiality of the personal information you provide us.

You will find in the document below the updated privacy policies of our hotel chain, which are also applicable to the information provided or collected via our website and all DM Hoteles applications.

We hope this information is clear enough and easy to read for your better understanding. Should you have any inquiry or concern, please feel free to contact us.

We will be more than happy to serve you!

Also, we ask you to read by separate our cookies policy that show the use of cookies and other similar tools by Do not forget to check DM Hoteles terms and conditions.

Privacy policies are updated on a regular basis. If you worry about your privacy, check this page often and you will know exactly what our changes are. Any change in the privacy policy will be published in this page and in case of significant changes; we will send you a detailed notification via e-mail.

Despite we inform you about any significant change in the privacy policy via e-mail, we suggest you to review this policy privacy on a regular basis. On the other hand, previous versions to this privacy policy will be saved in a file for its review.

Cookies privacy

Cookies are programs that gather information by your computer. This data helps us to offer you a customized content according to the location of the computer from where you access to the DM Hoteles website.

The information gathered by cookies that will be used by the same guidelines of this Policy and will have the same protection as the personal data.

Personal data gathered by DM Hoteles:

To help you to plan and make your journey, it is necessary to have some information. That is why we ask you for some personal or basic information like your name, contact information and names of the people you travel with, among others.

DM Hoteles gather and use the information you give us. When you book a trip, we ask you (at least) your name and your e-mail address. Depending on the travel reservation, we can also ask you for your home address, telephone number, payment data, date of birth, names of the people who travel with you and any preference (for example, food or possible mobility restrictions) that you may have and that could be useful for your accommodation.

If you need to contact our Customer Service staff or us by other means (social networks or directly with the travel supplier reserved with us), we will also gather the information you provided. Likewise, we can ask our clients to leave a comment to help other clients to find exactly what they need. We will gather the information you enter in the comments, including your user name and your booking code, if you choose one.

Another way to gather information is by other strategic business partners. We gather “Personal information” from companies we collaborate to provide them goods, services and offers according to their experiences in our hotel and we think they will be interested in (“strategic business partners”).

Also, there are other cases where you will provide information. For example, if you are accessing from your mobile phone, you may decide to allow DM Hoteles check your current location or have access to your contact information. This will help us to offer you a better service and the best experience. You can also open a user account that will allow you to save your personal settings, upload photos, check previous reservations, plan and manage your next reservations or to have benefits only available for account users (rewards and other benefits we offer).

Additionally, you can make part of recommendation or draws programs. When doing that, you will also be providing us your personal information. Apart from that, you can give us your opinion or ask for help when using our facilities.

Why do we ask for your personal information?

  • For travel reservations. The main and most important reason is that we use your personal information to complete and administrate your online Travel Reservation. As a company, we do that! This includes the submission of communications related to your travel reservation (confirmations, modifications and reminders).
  • Customer Service. We provide customer service from our offices. Sharing your information allow us to answer any query you may have about your travel reservation.
  • Communication with you. There will be times where we will contact you via e-mail or publications, telephone or SMS. The communication mean we choose will depend on the information you provided before.
  • We will process the communications you send us for many reasons, including: answer and manage any request for your accommodation, submission of reminders to continue with your reservation, questionnaires to give us your opinion about your experience with DM Hoteles. We may send you other somewhat administrative messages (security alerts) even if you do not have any existing travel reservation.
  • Marketing actions. We use your information for different marketing activities.
    • To send you regular news about products and services in relation to trips. You can cancel these marketing communications by e-mail easily and at any time. Just click on the “Cancel” link showed in any newsletter and in other communications.
    • To customize the offers that we show you in DM Hoteles website and applications or in third-party’s websites and applications (social networks included). Also, the content of the websites that show up to you may be customized. These contents may be offers directly reserved in the website, in co-branding pages, as well as third-party’s products that we think you may be interested in.
    • To manage promotional activities (draws, recommendation programs, contests, among others) in which you may participate.
  • Market studies. Sometimes we ask our clients to be part of market studies.
  • Improvement of our services. We also use personal information to carry out analytical studies. This is part of the work we make to improve our services and the user experience. We intend to use unlinked data for these analytical studies.
  • Call tracking system when you call our customer service, DM Hoteles uses an automatic telephone number detection system to link your telephone number with your current reservations. This helps you and our customer service staff to save time.
  • Comments from clients and other information related to the destination. During and after your trip reserved with us, we will invite you to send a comment with your opinion.
  • Promotion of a safe and reliable service. To create a reliable environment for you and your companions in your trip, DM Hoteles collaborating partners may use the personal information to detect and prevent frauds and other illegal or undesirable activities. In the same way, we will use personal information to assess risks. For safety purposes, we will verify the user’s information and reservations. For all the above reasons, it may be possible to pause some reservations.
  • Legal reasons. Finally, we may use your information in some cases to manage and settle legal disputes for investigations, to comply with regulations, to apply the terms of use of DM Hoteles online reservations service or to meet authority legal requirements.

Our privacy policy is focused on the data we collect from:

  • Websites we manage and from the ones that access to this privacy policy (hereinafter, the “websites”).
  • Software applications we offer you to use in computers or mobile devices (the “applications”).
  • Social networks we are logged in, from which you can access to this Privacy Policy (hereinafter, our “social network pages”).
  • Devices connected to our own Internet that allows collecting “personal information”
  • E-mail messages with HTML format that we send with a link to this Privacy Policy through communications with us, when you visit us or stay in one of our hotels or by other interactions (physical or virtual).

We refer to our “websites”, “applications” and “social network pages” as a whole as “online services”. We refer to these online services and offline channels as “services”. When you use our “services”, you accept to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

We may share your information to the following entities:

  • Providers, that is, hotels, airlines, car rent agencies and activity providers that receive your travel reservations. All the services provided by an external provider are described as such. Therefore, we encourage you to read the privacy policies of any other travel provider whose products you buy through our website or application.
  • External providers that provide services or serve on our behalf such as credit card processing, market analysis, customer service, marketing plan, survey or giveaway program distribution and fraud prevention. We may also authorize external providers to collect information on our behalf including data necessary to use functions from our website or application in order to enable the send online publicity according to your interests. External providers have access to the information and may collect data only when needed in order to carry out its operations. They cannot share or use such information for any other purpose.
  • Business partners with whom we can jointly offer products or services. Also those partners whose products or services are offered in our website or application. A third party may be involved in a product or service you required if its name appears, whether alone or as a group. If you enter to these optional services, we may share your information (personal data) with such partners. Take into account that we have no control over the privacy practices of our external business partners.
  • Reference websites: If you were directed to this website from another website (for example, by a link you clicked), we may share certain information about you with the reference website. We recommend you to review the privacy policies of any website that has directed you to our site.
  • Companies that are part of our corporate group. We can share your personal information with our affiliate companies as long as you have granted your consent. This shared used allows us to give you information that we consider may like you whether it is related to travel or other businesses.
  • Social network providers. When you log in to certain functions of DM Hotel’s social network, besides our website and application, you are sharing information with the social network provider (like Facebook) and the information you share will be ruled by the private policies of such social network.

Regardless of the previously mentioned, you will be notified when your personal information is to be disclosed with third parties and you will have the chance to oppose to share this information.

We will preserve your personal data all the time we consider necessary to allow you to access our services, to provide you these services (including maintenance of online user account (if created)), to comply with the applicable legislation, to solve litigious with other parties and for any purpose that may be necessary for the development of our activities and detection and prevention of fraud and any other illegal activities. We will use the information related to the account in order to complete our legitimate business objective, for a historical registration and analytical purposes.

We use solid technical measures in order to avoid unauthorized access to the account data. We want you to feel save using this website and the application in order to organize your trips; therefore, we compromise to protect the information we collect. Now, there is no website or application able to guarantee full safety, we have added administrative, technical and physical procedures to protect the personal data you provide us.

If you don’t agree with our Privacy Policy, you have to stop using our services. If you agree, you are ready to book your next trip with us.

Live the DM Hoteles experience!